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Nation Lanka Micro Finance
Micro Finance

Micro Finance sector has great potential to generate maximum socio economic benefits for Sri Lanka with a low level of investment and requires less capital per unit and relatively less infrastructure. NLF ventured into Micro Finance which was a collective decision of the new Board of Directors as the Company envisaged the potential of using the talents and resources of the rural sector with the expansion in economic activities throughout the country.

NLF believes in the true spirit of giving back to society and therefore honours its Corporate Social Responsibility through this venture. The Company has already taken steps to assists rural communities set up enterprises, with a focus on assisting those engaged in SMEs and agriculture and livestock activities. Micro Finance facilities are only given to women thereby empowering women in rural communities.

Another prime aim of NLF- Micro Finance is to genuinely assist the marginalized rural populace especially those of the North and East as well as those of the border villages who had to undergo tremendous hardship prior to the end of the war. Further, Nation Lanka Micro Finance objective is to uplift the community which already NLF has thousands of success stories to share those who are increased quality of life throughout the country by our Micro Finance.

Nation Lanka Finance is a Licensed Finance Company by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under Finance Business Act No.42 of 2011.

Credit rating ICRA (SL) - C
Date incorporate - 15th July 1987.
Company Registration No - PQ33
(011) 4 760 800
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