Nation Lanka Finance PLC Wins Two International Awards at Global Banking & Finance Awards -UK

Nation Lanka Finance PLC excelled by winning two International awards at the Global Banking & Finance Awards –UK. The company won the awards for 'Fastest Growing Leasing Company in Sri Lanka 2018' as well as 'Most innovative leasing product 2018 (Nation OD)'.

Nation Lanka Finance PLC (NLF) is a Public Limited Liability Company incorporated in Sri Lanka on 15th July 1987. The Company is a Finance Company licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka with a rich heritage of 31 years and listed in the Colombo stock exchange on 30th June 1994. The company has evolved over the years and as at current financial year; NLF’s Assets exceed Rs.9.7 Billion.

With a Branch network of over 25 locations throughout Sri Lanka, NLF has a variety of products & services - Nations OD, Leasing, Fixed deposits, Savings deposits, Pawning, Business loans, Micro Finance, Hire purchases & Real estate.