Young Lady who wants to explore the world

Niluka de Silva

Mrs.Niluka de Silva is a young entrepreneur who engaged in manufacturing cement bricks in Anuradhapura. She is a very courageous young lady who initiated the business with a small capital.

While driving her business forward the young lady visited us for a financial assistance to enhance her business activities. Nation Lanka Finance PLC moved forward and granted Rs.35,000/- as a loan facility. Post inspections revealed that she promptly utilized the loan and identified she has the hidden skills in athletics, specifically 800m,1500m/400m*4 and 100m*4. As a flagship micro finance giant Nation Lanka finance PLC never hesitated to emerge and help polish up Mrs.Niluka De Silva’s inheritant skills in track and field events. The result was Niluka being nominated to represent the 33rd Annual track and field championship 2012 in Singapore.

Nation Lanka Finance has always been with her, providing the precious financial sponsorship to explore the world. This Goal oriented young lady bagged 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the Games.