Fixed Deposits

Here at NLF we have a wide range of Term Deposit Accounts with highly competitive interest rates. Save faster and earn a great return for your investments, maximizing your wealth. Choose a term to suit you and your business needs from 1 month to 5 years.

The Significance of our Fixed Deposit Product:
  • Highest Rates in the industry and returns for your investment
  • Flexible terms with regard to the maturity period for your investment
  • Express refunds on maturity and superior customer service

Months Interest Rate Monthly
1 8.00% At Maturity -
3 13.00% At Maturity 13.00%
6 13.00% At Maturity 13.00%
12 13.00% At Maturity 13.00%
13-36 14.00% At Maturity 14.00%
37-60 15.00% At Maturity 15.00%
* Senior Citizens will be entitiled for 1% additional interest in addition to the standard rate